Battle of the Year Switzerland

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Battle of the Year Switzerland


Jan Zimmermann

Phone: ++41-(0)43-535 91 38
Zeppelinstr. 43
June 9, 2001  (concluded)
Stadion Schluefweg Kloten
Zurich, Switzerland
Events Offered:
Freestyle Shred
Once again, Planet Footbag rides out to show the baggy pants wearers what we understand as "footwork". This year we will be joined by the shredders and shreddets of Bootfägers Basel and a few guests from Prag so breakers beware! Starting 14.00 the pool area next to the battle venue will be open and there will be a pool party, breakdance corner and concerts going on until the afternoon entertainment comerces in the big hall. We will be shredding outside the whole day, inside most of the night and might be called on stage to give a demo outside as well as inside so be prepared...
Event Details:
See everything at (english and german version)

We will have a limited amount of free tickets for the players so contact me 
if you're planning to come from outside of switzerland.
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