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The Inside Scoop
Mon Jul 13 07:31:35 2020

Hello Footbaggers,

International Footbag Players' Association is asking you to join in to help develop the sport to the next level!

Please watch our Vlog about the situation of IFPA in 2020 and support us with your energy, time, ideas, and anything else you have to offer:

As you know, IFPA is a non-profit volunteer organization representing the global sport of footbag. The organization is ultimately led by the players, elected by the players.

We run an election for two positions in IFPA Board of Directors:

  • Executive Director
  • Basic duties: be the boss, control all areas of IFPA, control each World Championships, think for the global development of the sport. (Learn more here.)

  • Rules Director
  • Basic duties: look for updates in "Rules of Footbag Sport", lead the IFC committee. (Learn more here.)

Remember that IFPA is a players' association, and every one of you is part of it. If you feel like taking the responsibility of any office on the Board, please let us know and present your ideas shortly. We are constantly looking for dedicated and skilled organizers from the community.

If you would like to place your application or nominate someone, please reply directly to ED:

Note: both offices are up for nomination until July 10th, 2020. There will be an online election at where IFPA members can vote for nominees.

(A new election with hopefully several candidates for each position will be set up, and we currently plan to end voting by July 31st. The election results shall be published on August 1st, during IFPA Online World Footbag Freestyle Championships Finals (

We are all friends who love the same sport -- let's play and work together!

Wiktor Debski
IFPA Executive Director
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