Footbag FAQ:

Frequently-Asked Questions

Welcome to our online facts and information section. If you have information you would like to contribute to this FAQ, by all means write us at We hope to have more information here over time, so check back. Changes will be mentioned on the What's New page.

Available Sections:

  1. Footbag In General

    What are the main footbag sports in a nutshell?

    How do I learn to play?

    Where did footbag come from?

    Is footbag really an organized sport?

    Where can I find the Rules of Footbag Sports?

    How do you play footbag four-square?

    Is there a footbag club in my area?

    Is there a footbag tournament or other event coming up in my area?

    Where can I buy a good footbag?

  2. World Records

    What are the current footbag records?

    What makes a footbag record "official"?

    Are footbag records really listed in the Guinness Book?

  3. Freestyle

    What is "freestyle" footbag? Isn't that just "hack"?

    I know about "Jester", but what other freestyle moves are there?

    How can I really learn this sport? Can this website teach me?

    What is the difference between "footbag" and "hacky sack"?

    What shoes do people play freestyle footbag with?

    Do I really need special shoes to play freestyle?

    How do I lace and modify my Rod Laver shoes for freestyle?

    How can I make my own footbag?

    Where can I buy a good footbag, and which kind should I get?

    How should I break in my new footbag so it stalls easily?

  4. Advanced Freestyle

    What is all this "op in [dex]..." stuff about?

    What does "paradox" mean?

    What was the original Jobs Notation proposal?

  5. Help with using

    Do I have to be a member to use this site?

    How can I reset my password or my e-mail associated with my membership?

    Where do I send e-mail if I have a question?

    How do I get my site listed on your "Links" section?

    How do I create a club listing?

    How can I use my e-mail alias most effectively?

    Can I copy and use text, photos, and/or videos from your site on my own site?

    How do I get my address off your mailing list(s)?

    I am doing a research project involving footbag; can you help me with it?

  6. Forum Policies

    Why don't you enable private messages on the forum?

  7. E-mail Opt In/Out

    How do I get off your mailing list?

    OLD: What are the general policies for posting to the announcements list?

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