Swiss Footbag Jam

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Swiss Footbag Jam


Jan Zimmermann

Phone: ++41-(0)43-535 91 38
Zeppelinstr. 43
January 27-28, 2001  (concluded)
Zurich, Switzerland
Events Offered:
Freestyle Shred Session

Manually Entered Results

Well what are the results?

We had a great time all together. About 25 people showed up, mainly 
stylers we already knew but also 6 or 7 "newbies" and (surprise, surprise!) 
Seb Kleinichen took the train from Frankfurt to shred with us.

A lot is happening in Switzerland right now especially the boys and girls (!) 
from Basel are ripping it up majorly!

Watch for pics and vids of the Jam sometime within the next couple of 
weeks at

Oh, the perhaps most important result was to hold regular Jams around 
Switzerland every one to two months! Basel you're next...

This is to be the first of a series of regular Footbag sessions to be held in various parts of Switzerland. A chance for shredheads newbies and anyone else interested to get together and exchange styles, news, and just hang out and have fun. All you footbaggers in Switzerland: I know its late in announcing, but don't miss it! Anyone else in the area at the moment: Don't miss your chance to experience the intensity of footbag in Switzerland at the moment!
Event Details:
We start playing at 15.00 on Saturday. 

Place is Blaesi Halle in Hoengg/Zuerich.

Take the 13 Tram to Meierhofplatz, walk back 40m and its the gym on the right

Around 19.00 we leave the gym for another place to continue shredding and
watch some video tapes.
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