Footbag Meeting Bern

Tournament Results

Footbag Meeting Bern


Jan Zimmermann

Phone: ++41-(0)43-535 91 38
Zeppelinstr. 43
June 17, 2000  (concluded)
Site(s) TBA
Bern, Switzerland
Events Offered:
Net, Freestyle, Consecutive (single and team)

Manually Entered Results

We had a very nice day in the Park!
The weather was excellent to the point that I got a bad sunburn!
Anyhow, we got to see a few new faces and most of the Swiss footbag 
scene was present to have some really nice shred sessions, doubles net 
and freestyle competition.

Here's the results:

Doubles Net (8 teams)

1. Christian Dubuis/Dan Schläpfer (Planet Footbag Zürich)
2. Beni Zahner/Geri Waldispühl (PF Zürich)
3. Kahu Weber/Isabelle Widmer (Bootfägers Basel)

Freestyle (18 Competitors)

1. Jan Zimmermann (Footstar/PF Zürich)
2. Kahu Weber (Bootfägers Basel)
3. Christian Dubuis (PF Zürich)
4. Ra'San Jong (Decisions Footbag Lausanne)
5. Jose Capacoel (PF Zürich)
6. Niki Bagic (PF Zürich)
7. Isabelle Widmer (Bootfägers Basel)
8. Ulli Cazato (Bootfägers Basel)
9. Paolo Marchianni (PF Zürich)

Thanks for everybody who came and special thanks to the crew of 
the "Drachenescht" who organized this event.

The DrachNäscht of Bern (a Shop for Juggling equipment) is organizing this event in coordination with Planet Footbag to introduce (serious)Footbag to the local scene. The players from Planet Footbag Zürich will be present as well as an estimated 30-50 local players to engage in some friendly competition. There will be net and freestyle exibitionals and tutorials by advanced Zurich players as well as current German Freestyle Champion Jan Zimmermann. Competition will probably be limited to doubles net (intermediate), single or team consecutive and maybe a small freestyle (intermediate) competition. Anybody in the area is welcome to drop by and compete, shred or just watch the action.
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