14th Bembel Cup 2024 - a jam with friends

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14th Bembel Cup 2024 - a jam with friends


Eurik Lindner

Alias: eurik@footbag.org
Phone: 004915118339019
Frankfurt, Hessen
Frankfurt, Hessen, Germany
Events Offered:
Open Double Net

Dear beloved Footbag community!

We invite you to celebrate the 14th BEMBEL CUP with us from 25th to 26th May 2024!

While the Bembel Cup was founded by FrankfurtFootbag as a doubles net tournament and featured many national and international guests over the past decade, we always wanted to use this not as a tournament only, but as a get together with friends. Therefore, this year will be even more like a jam, with a doubles tournament indeed, but mainly with lots of time to play pickups and shred as much as you can.

Please register for the Bembel Cup via the following link so that we can plan better.


Here is an overview map with accommodation and dining options.


Event Details:
We plan on playing outside on all days, setting up at Frankfurt Hafenpark. 
We will be setting up a playing area for beginners with mini nets and probably 
offer some workshop time, as we believe 
this to be crucial to every footbag gathering since the early beginnings. 
Play with others as much as possible :-)

24.05. - Friday:   Arrival and party at Flo's place at 6 p.m.   
25.05. - Saturday: Start at 10 a.m. with Pools, preliminary round and quarterfinals
                   Party at the Bergerstraße Fest with Revolte Tanzbein 
26.05. - Sunday:   Start at 11 a.m. Semi Finale and Finale and Pick ups!
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