23rd IFPA European Footbag Championships 2023

Tournament Results

23rd IFPA European Footbag Championships 2023


Michal Klimczak

E-mail: klimczak.michal@poczta.fm
Alias: klimas@footbag.org

Michal Rog

Alias: maniac@footbag.org
Phone: +48730875875

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Fame Sport
Krakow, Poland

Manually Entered Results

	Official results of EFC 2023:


	Open Singles:

1	Paweł Rożek (PL)
2	Ivan Stanev (BG)
3	Michał Klimczak (PL)
4	Eduardo Martinez (WE)
5	Michał Róg (PL)
6	Santeri Karvinen (FI)
7	Grischa Tellenbach (CH)
8	Kuba Grabarczyk (PL)
9	Gabor Toth (HU)
10	Roberto Da Silva (WE)
11	Radoslav Rusev (BG)
12	Maciej Pietrzycki (PL)
13	Audrey Tumelin (FR)
14	Lilla Farkas (HU)
15	Sandor Berko (HU)
16	Andreas Beimel (DE)
17	Łukasz Domin (PL)
18	Marton Lukacs (HU)]
19	Evelin Kovács (HU)
20	Benett Baranyai (HU)
21	Mark Simon (HU)
22	Benedek Lukacs (HU)
23	Dorka Szaszkó (HU)
24	Zsolt Feher (HU)
25      Endre Takacs (HU)

	Women Singles:

1	Audrey Tumelin (FR)
2	Lilla Farkas (HU)
3	Evelin Kovács (HU)
4	Dorka Szaszkó (HU)

	Masters Singles:
1	Michał Róg (PL)
2	Andi Wolff (DE)
3	Roberto Da Silva (WE)
4	Eduardo Martinez (WE)

	Open Doubles:	
1	Florian Götze / Yves Kreil (DE)	
2	Kuba Grabarczyk / Paweł Rożek (PL)	
3	Eurik Lindner / Yas Sin Khateeb (DE)	
4	Ivan Stanev / Radoslav Rusev (BG)	
5	Michał Klimczak / Michał Róg (PL)	
6	Grischa Tellenbach / Santeri Karvinen (CH/FI)	
7	Gabor Toth / Sandor Berko (HU)	
8	Roberto Da Silva / Eduardo Martinez (WE)	
9	Benedek Lukacs / Marton Lukacs (HU)	
10	Łukasz Domin / Maciej Pietrzycki (PL)	
11	Audrey Tumelin /  Andreas Beimel (FR /DE)	
12	Lilla Farkas / Evelin Kovács (HU)	
13	Zsolt Feher / Mark Simon (HU)	
14	Benett Baranyai / Endre Takacs (HU)
15      Đorka Szaszkó / Erzsebet Hornyak (HU)	

	Mixed Doubles:
1	Lilla Farkas / Gabor Toth (HU)
2	Audrey Tumelin / Grischa Tellenbach (FR)
3	Đorka Szaszkó / Marton Lukacs (HU)
4	Evelin Kovács / Zsolt Feher (HU)

Open Golf:
1	Paweł Nowak (PL)
2	Michał Róg (PL)
3	Jakub Worek (PL)
4	Jakub Mościszewski

Open 2-Square:
1	Gabor Toth (HU)
2	Michał Róg (PL)
3	Lilla Farkas (HU)
4	Benedek Lukacs (HU)
5	Sandor Berko (HU)
6	Dorka Szaszkó (HU)


	Open Routines:
1	1. Patrik Černý (CZ)
2	2. Jakub Mościszewski (PL)
3	3. Paweł Nowak (PL)

	Open Battles:
1	1. Patrik Černý (CZ)
2	2. Jakub Mościszewski (PL)
3	3. Santeri Karvinen (FI)
4	Maciej Pietrzycki (PL)

1	1. Jakub Mościszewski (PL)
2	2. Jakub Worek (PL)
3	3. Paweł Nowak (PL)

Non-official sideline freestyle events:

1. Jakub Mościszewski (PL)
2. Paweł Nowak (PL)
3. Jakub Worek (PL)
1. Jakub Mościszewski (PL)
2. Jakub Worek (PL)
3. Paweł Nowak (PL)
Last Man Standing:
1. Jakub Mościszewski (PL)
2. Paweł Nowak (PL)
3. Jakub Worek (PL)

From December 15 to 17, 2023 we invite everyone again to Krakow, Poland to participate in 23rd European Footbag Championships!

This time we will play in FAME SPORT badminton gym, where are 5 professional badminton courts and if needed - live scoring system. Place is located in Podgórze district - near the center of Krakow.

As you know we wanted to save Euros this year and we will try our best. Most of you voted for 15-17 December and there you have <3

Due to late last call organization, we are unable to provide the best financial conditions for players and registration costs simply includes rental of a heated sports hall for 3 days, medals and completely basic organization costs.

Unfortunately lunches and super free gifts such as t-shirts or bags are not included this time, but in place you cand find food trucks serving burgers or polish dishes such as pierogi, and next door there is a quite cheap diner serving lunches. Of course we will also provide free simple breakfasts, fruits and water + coffee. In the meantime, we will try to find additional sponsor and if we succeed - then of course lunches will be for free:)

If you need free accommodation - contact us and we will try to accommodate you in our homes - above all, we want you to be able to participate in the competition - that's why we do it :)

If you would also like to order a t-shirt or hoodie from EFC2023 designed by Michał Róg - it will be available only in pre-order and produced by Intruz - high-quality material from Polish sewing factories.

For more details please visit the official website

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