Bulgarian Footbag Championships 2020

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Bulgarian Footbag Championships 2020 (unapproved)


Ivan Stanimirov Stanev

E-mail: navi6venats9@gmail.com
Alias: IvanStanev@footbag.org
Phone: +359883512133
Sofia, Bulgaria
Stara Zagora
Park "Ayazmo" 6004 Mitropolit Metodiy Kusev, Stara Zagora
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, Bulgaria
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Footbag Net & Freestyle, Hacky-Sack Circles, 2-Square & 4-Square, Sepak Takraw and
Event Details:
 Up on the hill is where you'll find us!

 Bulgarian footbag chamionships 2020
          The Outdoor  Event 


1 may - meet and greet,  pick up ups, up on the hill
2-3 may - championships

More Info - Soon !...
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