Austrian Footbag Championships + XMAS Jam 2019

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Austrian Footbag Championships + XMAS Jam 2019


Julian Sinnl

Schubertgasse 16/19
WUK ( Werkstätten- und Kulturhaus )
Wien, Wien, Austria
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This year we will have a small and cosy Event at the year end. We will decide who's going to be the Austrian Freestyle Champ in the legendary "WUK Initiativraum" most likely in "Freestyle Battle" or "Circle", more competition will only be if there are enough Players who are interested in. According to the puristic character of the event, there won't be medals to win neither there will be decoration or served beverages (which means "bring your own beer") So don't expect anything than pure shred and hopefully some fun. The start of the event will be at 19:00, please drop in latest at 19:30 as we need to see who will take part and can have a democratic vote about the competition which decides about the Austrian champion and also further competitions. If you're from abroad and want to drop by you can contact Julian ( // 00436706044481 ) or your best-loved Vienna resident freestyle player.
Event Details:
WUK: Währinger Str. 59, 1090 Wien
Initiativraum: House number "5", first floor, right side at the really end 
of the hallway

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