Bulgarian Footbag Championships 2017

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Bulgarian Footbag Championships 2017


Radoslav Rusev

E-mail: radoslavrusev@gmail.com
Phone: 00359894273320
18, Tsar Ivan Asen II
Ayazmo Park
Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
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Events Offered:
the annual say-goodbye-to-the-summer competition. the usual place.
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Bulgarian Footbag Championships 2017

21/09 - leaving to Stara Zagora
22/09 - game day 1 - Equinox party at aka the bay a.k.a the best night club 
in Europe
23/09 game day 2 - Stara Zagora by night
24/09 game day 3 - leaving to Sofia
foreign players hosted in downtown Sofia
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