Danish Footbag Open 2016

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Danish Footbag Open 2016


Asmus Helms

E-mail: Asm@footbag.org
Copenhagen, N
Folkets Hus
Copenhagen, N, Denmark
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open Routines
Open Circle
Open Sick1
Open Sick3
Open Request
REGISTRATION: https://goo.gl/forms/avZ6tlq tjjsilJFE2

FootbagDenmark is happy to announce the 2016 Danish Footbag Open in wonderful Copenhagen. The event will be held in the district of Nørrebro and display the best freestyle Denmark and the rest of Europe has to offer.

Here is a video from our latest Danish Open: https://www.youtube.com/watch? v=rqEY2PqBAN0

This is a freestyle event but casual kickers and net players are more than welcome to join us for a weekend of fun and footbag.
Event Details:
The entire event will take place at Folkets Hus, København N


Folkets Hus
Stengade 50, 2200 København N
19:00 - Late registration, chill and sideline shred
22:00 - Beers at legendary footbag bar ?Bankeråt?

Folkets Hus
Stengade 50, 2200 København N
13:30 - Warm Up
14:00 - Routines Finals
14:30 - First round circle
15:00 - Finals circle
15:30 - Sick 3, Sick 1, Request
16:30 - Award Ceremony
18:30 - Dinner at *TO BE DECIDED*
20:00 - PARTY at *TO BE DECIDED*
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