2016 Mud Island Belt presented by Memphis Footworks

Tournament Results

2016 Mud Island Belt presented by Memphis Footworks


Walt Rex Houston

E-mail: walthouston7@gmail.com
3942 Appling Road
Bartlett, TN
Mississippi River Greenbelt Park
Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Open doubles net, open singles net, mixed doubles, womens open doubles, womens open
singles, intermediate singles, intermediate doubles.

Manually Entered Results

Open Doubles Net

1. Benjamin Alston / Walt Houston
2. Emmanuel Bouchard / Luc Legault

OPEN Singles Net

1. Walt Houston
2. Emmanuel Bouchard
3. Benjamin Alston
4. Luc Legault

Once again we will be holding the Mud Island Belt in downtown Memphis on Memorial day weekend. Pick up games will be on friday. Singles and doubles will start Saturday and end on Sunday. Feel free to stick around for more pick up games or to explore our beautiful city on Monday. As usual most meals and other accommodations will be provided. If you have any questions feel free to contact me (Walt)
Event Details:
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