8th Annual Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships

Tournament Results

8th Annual Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships


Scot W. Hansen

Alias: scothansen@footbag.org
Wheaton, IL
Humboldt Park / Navy Pier
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
We're playing Kick Volley- Singles, Doubles, Women's, Intermediate, Novice- if there's
enough interest in any category, we're doing it. 

Results for 8th Annual Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships (2015)

Open Singles Net:

  1. Walt Houston (USA)
  2. Benjamin Alston (USA)
  3. Edwin Veltman (USA)
  4. Thomas Whitworth (USA)
  5. Jim Hankins (USA)
  6. Anthony Ritz (USA)
  7. Jim Hogan (USA)
  8. Theodore Fritsch (USA)
  9. Jake Dodd (USA)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Walt Houston / Benjamin Alston (USA)
  2. Emmanuel Bouchard (Canada) / Tuan Vu (USA)
  3. Thomas Whitworth / Fletcher Funk (USA)
  4. Cory Current / Scot Hansen (USA)
  5. Greg Grandy / Anthony Ritz (USA)
  6. Ted Martin / Alex Ibardaloza (USA)
  7. Edwin Veltman / Vince Pontarelli (USA)
  8. Jim Hankins / Jake Dodd (USA)
  9. Jim Hogan / Marty Pascual (USA)
  10. Theodore Fritsch / Steve Richardson (USA)

Manually Entered Results

Doubles Net

1- Ben Alston and Walt Houston (Memphis, TN)
2- Emmanuel Bouchard (Montreal, QC) and Tuan Vu (San Francisco, CA)
3- Fletcher Funk and Tommy Whitworth (Chicago, IL)
4- Cory Current and Scot Hansen (Chicago, IL)
5- Greg Grandy (Chicago, IL) and Anthony Ritz (Erie, PA)
6- Ted Martin and Zeke Ibardaloza (Chicago, IL)
7- Edwin Veltman (Oakland, CA) and Vince Pontarelli (San Francisco, CA)
8- Jim Hankins (New York, NY) and Jake Dodd (Erie, PA)
9- Jim Hogan (Erie, PA) and Marty Pascual (Chicago, IL)
10- Ted Fritsch (New York, NY) and Steve Richardson (Chicago, IL)

Singles Net

1- Walt Houston (Memphis, TN)
2- Ben Alston (Memphis, TN)
3- Edwin Veltman (Oakland, CA)
4- Tommy Whitworth (Chicago, IL)
5- Jim Hankins (New York, NY)
6- Anthony Ritz (Erie, PA)
7- Jim Hogan (Erie, PA)
8- Ted Fritsch (New York, NY)
9- Jake Dodd (Erie, PA)

Event Details:
All updated information will be posted to www.windycitycup.org, so check 
back there frequently for changes!
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