Seventh Annual Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships

Tournament Results

Seventh Annual Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships


Scot W. Hansen

Wheaton, IL
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Footbag Net.  Singles, Doubles, Womens, Intermediate, and Open.

Manually Entered Results

Complete results for the Seventh Annual Windy City Cup Footbag Net Championships

Open Doubles Net
1.  Ben Alston and Walt Houston
2.  Emmanuel Bouchard and Tuan Vu
3.  Jack Harris and PT Lovern
4.  Chris Cleaver and Dan Greer
5.  Greg Grandy and Ted Martin
6.  Fletcher Funk and Zeke Ibardaloza
7.  Jim Hankins and Anthony Ritz
8.  Steve Smith and Tom Whitworth (s)
9.  Jim Hogan and Jack Lentz
10.  Marty Pascual and Aaron Saucedo
11.  Cory Current and Scot Hansen (s)

Open Singles Net
1.  Walt Houston
2.  Dan Greer
3.  Jack Harris
4.  Ben Alston
5.  Anthony Ritz
6.  Chris Cleaver
7.  Jim Hankins
7.  Tom Whitworth
9.  Scot Hansen
10.  Jim Hogan

Intermediate Singles Net
1.  Jack Lentz
2.  Marty Pascual
3.  Rob Creel
4.  Steve Richardson

Great weather and good times defined yet another Windy City Cup.  We didn?t book 
Navy Pier for our Finals Site this year, but the site at Humboldt Park on 
Chicago?s West Side provided for a great place to run a tournament.  The biggest 
upset came in the semi-finals match, when PT Lovern and Jack Harris were stunned 
in three straight games by Manu Bouchard and Tuan Vu.  Dan Greer did a great job 
of upsetting second-seeded Ben Alston in the Singles semi-final as well.  Cory 
Current hyper-extended his knee within the first five minutes of competition, 
forcing Scot Hansen and him to scratch from the entire event.

Ben and Walt won the finals match in front of all 24 competitors and a bunch of 
friends and family.

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