29th Annual Moonin' and Noonin' Beaver Open

Event Listing

29th Annual Moonin' and Noonin' Beaver Open


Tricia Sullivan George

Alias: kicking@footbag.org
Phone: (503) 740-6030
25525 Cheryl Drive
West Linn, OR
The Oregon Coutry Fairgrounds
Veneta, Oregon, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Draw Partners Footbag Net, Friday Night Cocktail Hour Footsie, Freestyle Jam, Cribbage,

This is the longest running footbag event in the history of the sport. It was developed to invite the newer player and give him/her experience with veteran players. It is, without doubt, the most fun you will ever have at a footbag tournament. This is a camping event.
Event Details:
When:               Labor Day Weekend ? For added fun and relaxation, plan to
arrive early. We?ve reserved the site for Thursday, September 3rd thru Monday,
September 7th.

Tournament starts Friday the 2nd ?The fun starts when you get there

How Much:              With pre-entry fees are: Adults = $65.00
Ages 6 to 13 = $15.00             Extra shirts $15.00 with pre-entry.

5 years and younger free but with no t-shirt unless ordered separately.
Per Night Fee:                            $25.00 ? does not include shirt. You
will need to let us know you are coming as this is               private
property and we need to know who is on the grounds.


Pre-registration is REQUIRED by August 7th

(Unless you have made arrangements with Lori Jean)

It will allow us to plan appropriate amounts of food and beverages for your
camping pleasure.

***No refund after August 22nd***


Pre-entry includes:                             T-shirt, beverages, daylight
energy breakfast of muffins, fruit and coffee, campfire                      
                                  munchies, and meals as noted below.

Friday dinner:               Taco night! Hosted by the fabulous Woodhull
family and crew?..thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Saturday dinner includes:               Beaver Open provides Hamburgers & Hot
dogs, buns and fixins. Potluck salad buffet-                                 
                      please bring a salad of your choice.

Sunday dinner includes:               BBQ Night! Beaver Open provides baked
potatoes, corn on the cob, french bread and                                  
                      the fixins. Please bring your own meat for the grill.


Gentlemen?s /Gentlewomen?s games include: Friday night Footsie and Cocktails
hour (bring your shakers and best cocktail makins along with an hors d'oeuvre
of your choice), Draw Partner Net, Freestyle Energy Circle, Footbag Golf (day
and glow), Four Square, Cribbage, Bizz-Buzz, Juggle Golf and more!!


2009 Mystery Event: It?s a mystery!! More info to come?


Other Ideas of Things to Bring: small tables for personal camp, bug spray and
sun screen, bicycles (for the long trek around the site), wagons (to transport
young children too tired to walk), bubbles, twiddle sticks, pig mania, juggle
paraphernalia, Beaver memorabilia, musical instruments, drums, bota bags,
whimsical doodads, wind toys, citronella candles, lanterns, old photos, beaver
wood carving tools, frisbees and other flying objects, cameras, tarps or
tapestries, gaudy lawn ornaments, etc...


Attention kids please plan to bring skits, props, costumes etc?for the ?Not so
Late Night? Variety Show.



**Remember to plan your act for the ?We Love Annie? Not so Late Variety Show**


29th Annual Hall of Famer: Rob Adams!!





2009 ENTRY FORM - Please complete and return the entry form below to: 


L.J. Conover

11745 SE Wood Ave. 

Milwaukie, Oregon 97222 

(503) 653-9528

e-mail: ljconover@comcast.net



Entry/ Shirt order for (family name here) _______________________________________





S / M/ L / XL / 1X / 2X


S / M / L














































TOTAL cost of entries


Extra shirts?$15.00 ea.



___ x 15.00 =








Remember to put your name on top of this form before sending it back!






We are no longer ordering glow for personal use. We will provide glow for the
proton footbags used during glow golf and will do a glow shower on both
Saturday and Sunday nights. Please see the sites below to order glow for your
own personal use.

Note: you will get better prices if you order in volume so combining your
order with that of family and friends is highly recommended!




Extreme Glow



Liquid Light



Glow Products



Glow Mania





There are a lot of cool glow things at these sites form Crazy Glow Toe Rings
to Hair Clips



Below is a list of things you will want to know as you plan for this year?s event:


Where? - The Oregon Country Fair site is just 14 miles west of Eugene in
Veneta, Oregon http://www.oregoncountryfair.org/TheFair/ocfmap.html


There will be signs posted along the route to the Beaver Open & at The Oregon
Country Fair site.


Entering the Tournament: Pre-registration is REQUIRED!! (Unless you?ve made
arrangements with Lori Jean or other Beaver Staff no later than August 7th!!)


**NOTE: Please clear all guests with Lori or other Beaver Open staff. We are
liable for visitors to the event and need to know who is on the property.
Also, gates close at dusk so entry and exit from the property after dusk is
limited and must be coordinated with Beaver Staff. Thank you!


Recycling: We are trying to reduce the amount of waste we produce. Please
think about bringing one place setting of dishes for each member of your
party, if possible. If you have other ideas to reduce waste or do a better job
of recycling please feel free to contact us.


Tent Campers:

You will be allowed to drive your camp gear to your chosen camp area but will
then need to park your car in a designated area


R.V./Trailer Campers:

There will be a designated area for RVs and Trailers. There will not likely be
power hookups though we may be able to recharge at specific times each day. We
are continuing to look into this and should know more as the event date gets
closer. If you have concerns, please call us for more information.



We are renting outhouses for the event and will try to place them strategically.



The fair has their own shower set up, rustic, much like ours. There are two
stalls. We will use our own instant water heater. You may want to bring some
flip-flops for the shower.



Fire is only allowed in the central fire pit by main camp kitchen



The water we use at the site will be fine for showers but is not potable so
the Beaver Open will have drinking water available.



We do have neighbors around the fair site that could be impacted by the noise
after dark. We will be shutting down the sound system after dark and using
Beaver Radio for our musical enjoyment! We love music around the camp fire so
if you play an instrument and would like to entertain the masses, feel free!


Picnic Tables:

There are tables in main camp by the kitchen but not for moving around the
site. If you want a table in your camp, you should plan to bring one with you.
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