2009 Southern Regional Footbag Championships

Tournament Results

2009 Southern Regional Footbag Championships


Tim Vozar

E-mail: footbag@wtd.net
Alias: vozar@footbag.org
Phone: 832-603-1876
Houston, TX
Memorial Park
Houston, Texas, USA
Events Offered:
Net, freestyle, golf, consecutives and introduction to 
speed consecutives.

Results for Southern Regional Footbag Championships (2009)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. James Roberts (USA)
  2. Curtis Taylor (USA)
  3. Benjamin Benulis (USA)
  4. Robert Creel (USA)
  5. Michael Stokely (USA)

Manually Entered Results

Open Men Speed Consecutive 50
1st James Roberts (19:80)
2nd Tim Vozar (23:60)
3rd Rob Creel ( 28:72)
Open Women Speed Consecutive 50
1st Tina Lewis (25.66)
2nd Kelly Kelley (28:00)
Open Men Speed Consecutive 100
1st James Roberts (43:13)
2nd Tim Vozar (47:60)
3rd Rob Creel ( 57:10)
Open Women Speed Consecutive 100
1st Tina Lewis (50:47)
2nd Heather Thomas (1:00:25)
Open Doubles Net
1st Tim Vozar / Micheal Gupton
2nd Tina Lewis / Kelly Kelley
3rd James Roberts / Rob Creel
4th Heather Thomas / Micheal Stokley
5th Ben Benulis / Daniel ?
Mixed Doubles Net
1st James Roberts / Heather Thomas
2nd Tim Vozar / Kelly Kelley
3rd Tina Lewis / Rob Creel
Singles Freestyle
1st James Roberts
2nd Curtis Taylor
3rd Ben Benulis
4th Rob Creel
5th Micheal Stokley
Open Golf
1st James Roberts
2nd Tim Vozar
3rd Ben Benulis
4th Micheal Stokley
5th William Lee
6th Micheal Gupton
7th Rob Creel

Event Details:
We will be competing inside Memorial Park , off of Memorial Loop Dr, past the 
tennis center and pass the sandbox workout area, past the triangle area, just 
pass the golf course entrance, and next to the new playground area on the 
left, look for banners, And the mobile Footbag Museum unit.  
If you go to any map site and type in Memorial Park Houston, then you will 
get the appropriate directions from where you are coming from.
Saturday, May 9th 
9am will be registration 
(novice - free, intermediate/amatuer=$10, Pro=$20(prize money for Pro only)
10am-1pm - net singles and doubles
1pm - break
2pm - singles and team freestyle
3pm - other freestyle events
4pm-6pm - more singles and doubles
6pm - 1st round of golf
Sunday, May 10th
10am-noon - net singles and doubles semi-finals and finals
noon - break
1pm - singles and team freestyle finals
2pm - other freestyle event finals
3pm - timed and speed consecutive competition
4pm - awards
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