Memphicago Kick Volley Challenge 1

Tournament Results

Memphicago Kick Volley Challenge 1


Scot W. Hansen

Wheaton, IL
Bryan Memorial Park
Salem, Illinois, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Casual footbag net games all day long!

Manually Entered Results

We played pick-up games all day, switching partners almost every game.  The 
park was perfect and the weather was even better.  No one kept track of any 
stats, but it was pretty clear to all that Tommy Whitworth was the big *star* 
of the day.

In order of who travelled the furthest...
1.  Rob Creel, New Orleans, LA  (In Chi-town for a wedding, had a day to kill.)
2.  Ken "The Hammer" Hamric, Memphis, TN
3.  "Big" Ben Alston, Memphis, TN
4.  Zeke Ibardaloza, Chicago, IL
5.  Tommy Whitworth, Chicago, IL
6.  Cory Current, Chicago, IL
7.  Scot Hansen, Chicago, IL
8.  Mike Bellman, Thompsonville, IL

Event Details:
Memphis Footworks and the Chicago Lake Coast Kickers are planning a road 
trip!  We're meeting half-way between our cities in the small town of Salem, 
Illinois.  If you'd like to join us, we're meeting at Bryan Memorial Park at 
10:30 AM.  (It's only about an hour east of St. Louis, MO.)  We'll play until
4-ish, get a good meal somewhere and head home afterwards.  We're hoping this
will be the beginnings of a new tradition:  come out and be a part of it!
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