The 2008 Second City Cup presented by CLCK

Tournament Results

The 2008 Second City Cup presented by CLCK


Scot W. Hansen

Wheaton, IL
Union Park
Chicago, Illinois, USA
Events Offered:
Singles Net, "King of the Court" Doubles Net.  
We may elect to do a more standard doubles bracket if we 
get a lot of out-of-town players, but that decision won't 
be made until the day of the tournament.

Manually Entered Results

Singles Net:
1- Cory Current
2- Steve Smith
3- Ted Martin
4- Scot Hansen
5- Zeke Ibardaloza
5- Bryan Nelson
5- Vince Pontarelli
(Zeke, Bryan, and Vince chose to scratch from the consolation matches.)

Doubles Net:
1- Cory Current/ Scot Hansen
2- Ted Martin/ Steve Smith
3- Greg Grandy/ Bryan Nelson
4- Zeke Ibardaloza/ Vince Pontarelli

Event Details:
That's right folks! The city of Chicago now hosts not one but TWO annual 
footbag net tournaments. The Chicago Lake Coast Kickers are proud to announce 
the 2008 Second City Cup to be held at Union Park in Chicago on September 20-

The Second City Cup is a no-frills net tournament. We are not getting park 
permits or event insurance. We're doing the whole tournament at our prelims 
site, and there will be no banners, no bleachers, no PA system, no "special" 
finals court, no entry fees or prize money, and no big promotions. It will 
have great people, great players, and a great atmosphere for fun and friendly 
competition. (And it's sanctioned by the IFPA!)  We will run a single 
elimination bracket for singles net, and we will most likely do a "King of 
the Court" format for doubles net. 

Our other event, The Windy City Cup, requires hours and hours of planning and 
is designed to increase exposure to the public.  But the Second City Cup is 
strictly for the players. It promises to be a stress-free weekend of great 
footbag net action.

Can't wait to see you there! (If you are not from the area but are interested 
in coming out, give me a call or drop me an email and I'll find you a place 
to stay while you're in town.) 
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