Commalamaison Contest 2

Tournament Results

Commalamaison Contest 2


Grischa Tellenbach

Gym 88 Glaci?re, 75013 Paris M?6 Glaci?re
Paris, France
Events Offered:
Net + Freestyle + Mini Net

Manually Entered Results

Mini Net

1. Greg Lima
2. Franck Remy
3. Lino Landau
4. Grischa Tellenbach
5. Alex Vannier
6. Vincent Rousseau
7. Augustin Tiffau
8. Max Boucoiran
9. Fabien Riffau
10. Marco Brunet
11. Olivier Baillon
12. Arnaud Saniez
13. Robison Sustrac
14. Mouss Kabal
15. Benoite Moret
16. Pierre Bardeau

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