Austrian Footbag & Disc Open 2006

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Austrian Footbag & Disc Open 2006


Ali Dastrandj

Phone: +43 650 318 88 99
Site(s) TBA
Podersdorf, Austria
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Footbag Net: Open Singles, Open Dbls, Spike Contest
Footbag Freestyle: Intermediate, Women, Open
Other: 4-Square-Contest, Shred30, Sick3, Kick-Command-Contest, Kick-Count-Contest
Disc: Intermediate Singles, Open Dbls, Open Coop

April 29th -- May 1st 2006 : Podersdorf : Austria : LATEST NEWS

Take a look at the official website of the Annual Footbag & Disc Opening 2006, in the course of the Surf World Cup 2006 in Podersdorf, where sun, wind, water and sand fuse to crash any barrier and let everyone's style free.

If you are a player and like to take part in this event, REGISTER soon! You should also do this if you are just a guest.

Last year the FDO05 was THE Show during the Surf World Cup and we could enjoy the feeling of having a big crowd going crazy admiring our Disc and Footbag evolutions!!

And this crowd will come back to see us again!

This year will have more space, more freestyle, more spirit and even more fun, thanks to you and all other Footbag and Disc lovers, who will join the Tournament.

We are also very proud to host various other freestyle arts, like Yo-Yo, Breakdance, Beatbox and DJ's,... which, together with Footbag and Disc, will build "the Circle", a platform to express yourself and free your style to make the FDO a freestyle Mecca. So be sure to check out the side events!

Don't forget to register online, since that's how you receive all advantages included in the player's or guest's package !!! Deadline for registration is >>> April 22nd <<<. Afterwards we cannot guarantee you to get free entrance to the Surf World Cup.


Oddi ( & Ali (

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