Michigan sends TJ to Japan in Pennsylvania

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Michigan sends TJ to Japan in Pennsylvania


Greg Nelson

E-mail: invalid
Phone: (734) 994-7396
Ann Arbor, MI
Levy tennis Pavillion of Chilly Philly fame
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Events Offered:
Routines, Shred 30, Sick Trick
Event Details:
This event is at the same place as Chilly Philly. 
Kenny, Peter, Bevier, Nelson, McKenzie, Caleb, are all coming, what more do you need?

Register now, we need your $ to reserve The Levy.
$30 now, or $40 at The Levy
Non-Pro : $15 now, $25 at the Levy.
Make checks payable to:

T.J. Boutorwick
2361 Recreation
West Bloomfield 
MI 48324
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