IFPA Swiss Footbag Open 2005: FootJam05

Tournament Results

IFPA Swiss Footbag Open 2005: FootJam05


Jan Zimmermann

E-mail: zimmermann@footbag.ch
Alias: Laxer1@footbag.org
Phone: ++41-(0)43-535 91 38
Zeppelinstr. 43
Rote Fabrik
Zurich, Switzerland
Events Offered:
Open Freestyle, Womens Freestyle, Open Doubles Freestyle, 
Open Doubles Net

Results for IFPA Swiss Footbag Open : FootJam05 (2005)

Open Doubles Net:

  1. Florian Goetze (Germany) / Patti Schrickel (USA)
  2. Kenny Shults / Eric Wulff (USA)
  3. Chris Löw (Deutschland) / Hannes Daniel (Germany)
  4. Miquel Clemente / Nicolas De Zeeuw (France)
  5. Adrian Pohl / Tammo Rockel (Germany)
  5. Phil Schaefer / Sam Maleki (Germany)
  5. Gilles Demers (Canada) / Arthur Ledain (France)
  5. Eurik Lindner / Markus Kaspczak (Germany)
  9. Andreas Wolff / Lisa Uebele (Germany)
  9. Lisa Amengual (France) / Henning Lindner (Germany)
  9. Justin Eichenlaub / Amaya Straeten (Germany)
  9. Ole Schnack (Germany) / Ali Dastrandj (Austria)
  9. Pavel Cerveny / Václav Klouda (Czech Republic)
  9. Jan Struz / Vojta Polák (Czech Republic)

Open Singles Routines:

  1. Václav Klouda (Czech Republic)
  2. Renato Zülli (Switzerland)
  3. Felix Zenger (Finland)
  4. Stefan Siegert (Germany)
  5. Jan Struz (Czech Republic)
  6. Karim Daouk (Switzerland)
  7. Samuel Hufschmid (Switzerland)
  8. Franck Remy (France)
  9. Serge Kaldany (France)
  9. Arthur Ledain (France)
  9. Silwan Daouk (Switzerland)
  9. Andrew Grant (Canada)
  9. Timo Aarnio (Finland)
  9. Peca Stica (Czech Republic)
  9. Fred Touzelet (France)
  9. Ali Dastrandj (Austria)
  17. Manu Schmid (Switzerland)
  17. Dani Waldispuehl (Switzerland)
  17. Sevi Fischer (Switzerland)
  17. Ian Pritchard (Australia)
  17. Jochen Bauer (Germany)
  17. Jakob Mai (Germany)
  17. Pavel Cerveny (Czech Republic)
  17. Matthias Schmidt (Germany)
  17. Jakob Wagner (Germany)
  17. Charles Dupuy (France)
  17. Maxime Boucoiran (Belgium)
  17. Viktor Kirchner (Germany)
  17. Tobias Larsen (Denmark)
  17. Pascal Nussbaum (Switzerland)
  17. Michael Sternkopf (Germany)
  17. Jason Varvaro (Canada)
  17. Andreas Peier (Switzerland)
  17. Max Jaeger (Germany)
  17. Silvan Lötscher (Switzerland)
  17. David Kaufmann (Germany)
  17. Markus Hemmer (Germany)
  17. Alexander Trenner (Austria)
  17. Rasmus Rendsvig (Denmark)
  43. Roman Huber (Austria)
  43. Justin Eichenlaub (Germany)
  43. Nils Furrer (Switzerland)
  43. Sébastien Prahin (Switzerland)
  43. Tazio Choun (Switzerland)
  43. Julien Apollonio (Switzerland)
  43. Manuel Mahler (Switzerland)

Women's Singles Routines:

  1. Tina Aeberli (Switzerland)
  2. Verena Lenneis (Austria)
  3. Isabelle Widmer (Switzerland)
  4. Lise Thygesen (Denmark)
  5. Caroline Bourgoin (Canada)
  6. Hanna Mickiewicz (Poland)
  7. Nazly Safarzadeh (Switzerland)
  8. Anne Busch (France)
  9. Jana Riisalo (Czech Republic)
  9. Lena Scheiwiller (Switzerland)

Manually Entered Results

Detailed Results now available at http://www.footbag.ch/news/footjam05.html

[Ed. Note: Actually, results are *not* available there, because that website is long since 
history. However, we at IFPA are working on a project to eventually restore all tournament 
results in our "structured results" system, which is shown above. We were able to get these 
results by using archive.org to find pages that no longer exist and then Steve Goldberg 
himself painstakingly entered all the data and continues to do so .. it's a thankless job, and if 
anyone ever comes here and notices this, they should thank him for this ridiculous work that 
nobody ever even seems to realize he is doing.. It's a monumental task, and all he gets is 
complaints that footbag.org is old and out of style. Well, if it means trading off a complete 
history of our sport and eventually getting us to Olympic status vs. being cool and trendy, 
then so be it. You can all keep doing your trendy crap but when the data is lost, don't come 
begging me for help to restore it all, yet again. Support IFPA, footbag.org, and Steve.]

Expect everything and more at the 5th anniversary of competitive footbag in Switzerland. You can find all necessary infos as well as online registration at www.footjam.ch Preregistration deadline: May 1st
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