Footbag Choreography Workshop

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Footbag Choreography Workshop


Jan Zimmermann

Phone: ++41-(0)43-535 91 38
Zeppelinstr. 43
Site(s) TBA
Zurich, Switzerland
Events Offered:
Variety of workshops like: judging routines, routine 
composition, stage presence, routine music, mental 
strenght, etc.   
This will be the first interdisciplinary footbag workshop organized by planetfootbag Switzerland. It's goal is to provide new insights and inspiration to footbag freesytlers on how to efficiently improve their routines and their performing skills on stage. We have recruted some of the best dancers, actors, choreographers from Zürich to hold classes and workshops on issues like: routine music, stage presence, mental strength, routine composition and more. Also there will be an open discussion with examples of some of the contemporary freestyle routines and other performing sports. Every freestyler is welcome to participate, details will follow. ATTENTION: in order to finance the workshop, we will be forced to collect registration fees of CHF 50,-.
Also the Workshops will be held mainly in German. As much of the work is practical, the language barrier shouldn't pose too much of a problem though.
Event Details:
Find the Detailed schedule and registration details at 

If you don't speak German but are motivated to participate at the workshop, contact me.
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