3rd Annual Austrian Footbag Championships

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3rd Annual Austrian Footbag Championships


Ali Dastrandj

E-mail: ali@footbag.at
Alias: spinnin@footbag.org
Phone: +43 650 318 88 99
Vienna, Austria
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Footbag Freestyle; Footbag Golf; Footbag Net - What else?!

surprize will be da high-stall competition!
UPDATED on 27th August !!!
Like each year, we have to announce the Austrian Champions of the year. The best occasion seem to be the Austrian Footbag Championships in T▄WI (18th district)
"Who's cool, and who's not!"
We already know that Verena Lenneis seems to be quite cool - now let's see what happens in the other disciplines. Loads of players from new clubs in Austria! & the 11 year old from Innsbruck will battle for the Intermediate title.

10th Sept. - Players Meeting @ the famous Pizzaria "Farouati" - Dj-line
11th Sept. - All Freestyle Competitions & Finals (beware registration closes @ 10:00)
12th Sept. - Golf & Net in TŘrkenschanzpark.

This is not a closed competition!

Next to two days of Live Concerts, great Dj's & some food - this years host footbag- vienna is looking for the "OVERALL CHAMP" - what this means exactly, you'll find out at the pizzeria.


p.s. Registration will open soon here...
p.p.s. Anymore questions, then ask here
Event Details:
cheap accomadation will be provided!

Peterjordanstrasse 76
1180 - Vienna
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