RNH Contest 2004

Tournament Results

RNH Contest 2004


Grischa Tellenbach

Alias: grischa.tellenbach@footbag.org
Gymnase 88 rue de la Glaci?re
Paris, France
Events Offered:
Freestyle, Sick 3, Shred and Big1. 
Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles Net 

Manually Entered Results

Doubles Mixed Net 

1. Arthur Ledain aka Tutur and Lisa Amengual (RNH Footbag) 
2. Miquel Clemente and Anne Busch (Icarus-ALL) 
3. Vincent Rousseau and Catherine Clerc aka Cathy (RNH Footbag) 
4. Marco Brunet and Emilie Chévat (RNH Footbag) 

Doubles Net 

1. Olivier Gonelle and Miquel Clemente (Icarus Footbag) 
2. Gregory Lima and Thomas Yard (RNH Footbag) 
3. Vincent Rousseau and Gilles Bourgeois (RNH Footbag) 
4. Arthur Ledain and Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag) 

Singles Net 

1. Olivier Gonelle (Icarus Footbag) 
2. Gregory Lima (RNH Footbag) 
3. Vincent Rousseau (RNH Footbag) 
4. Fabien Riffaud (RNH Footbag) 
5. Arthur Ledain (RNH Footbag) 
5. Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag) 
5. Marco Brunet (RNH Footbag) 
5. Miquel Clemente (Icarus Footbag) 

Shred 30 

1. Maxime Boucoiran (75 ADDS) 115.5 
2. Cyril Kabache aka Panini (RNH Footbag) 95.68 
3. Frédéric Touzelet (75 ADDS) 92.86 
4. Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag) 75 ADDS (lol 74.6)  
5. Jochen Bauer aka Doctor Jay (All) 72.64 
6. Arthur Ledain (RNH Footbag) 71.44 
7. Charles Dupuy aka Carlito (RNH Footbag) 69.28 
8. Miquel Clemente (Icarus Footbag) 67.03 
9. Pierre Bardeau (75 ADDS) 45 
10. Cédric 42.66 

Sick 3 

1. Maxime Boucoiran (75 ADDS) 
dimwalk>ripwalk>PS Whirl 

2. Cyril Kabache aka Panini (RNH Footbag) 
smear>legbeater>paradox flail 

3. Frédéric Touzelet (75 ADDS) 
pixie mirage>smear>pixie whirl 

4. Arthur Ledain (RNH Footbag) 
dimwalk>double legover>smudge 

5. Jochen Bauer aka Doctor Jay (All) 
pixie leg over>dimwalk>ripwalk 

6. Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag) 
ducking clipper>double legover>eggbeater 

7. Charles Dupuy aka Carlito (RNH Footbag) 

8. Miquel Clemente (Icarus Footbag) 


1. Maxime Boucoiran (75 ADDS) Pixie whirling swirl 
2. Arthur Ledain (RNH Footbag) Smog 
3. Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag) Paradox torque 
4. Frédéric Touzelet (75 ADDS) Motion 
5. Pierre Bardeau (75 ADDS) Toe set sidewalk 
6. Jochen Bauer aka Doctor Jay (All) Toe set ripwalk 

2 min Final Routine 

1. Franck Rémy (75 ADDS) 
2. Maxime Boucoiran (75 ADDS) 
3. Jochen Bauer aka Doctor Jay (All) 
4. Cyril Kabache aka Panini (RNH Footbag) 
5. Frédéric Touzelet (75 ADDS) 
6. Arthur Ledain (RNH Footbag) 
7. Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag) 
8. Anne Busch (All) 

[img]http://rnhfootbag.free.fr/rnhcontestflyer.jpg[/img] After last year´s success, we now organize the second edition of our competition. We are happy to announce the participation of all French Champions 2003. The gym offers two separated areas, one with 4 net courts and one shred area (a dance floor with parquet). Saterday evening there will be footbag party, with the screening of "Sick.03" by U-nanim Works - CONFIRMED !
Event Details:
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