Pre Season Footbag Golf Open

Tournament Results

Pre Season Footbag Golf Open


Grischa Tellenbach

Parc de Bercy
Paris, France
Events Offered:
6 Hole Golf Open

Manually Entered Results

Hole 1

Grischa 4
Marco 6

Hole 2

Grischa 2
Marco 6

Hole 3

Grischa 2
Marco 5

Hole 4

Grischa 5
Marco 3

Hole 5

Grischa 3
Marco 5

Hole 6

Grischa 4
Marco 4


Grischa 20
Marco 29


Grischa 20/6 = 3.33
Marco 29/6 = 4.83

The Golf season is open ! Unfortunatly attendency was very low for this pre
season event, but hopefully we will have more players the next time.

The Golf season will officially start this weekend. Exact dates will be
announced as soon as possible. 

CU next time,

This event will open the 2003/2004 Golf season in France. After Euros and Worlds we have a few highly motivated golf players here in Paris. As long as the weather will be good enough for outside footbag, we will add golf to our regular net and freestyle activities.
Event Details:
Parc de Bercy
Metro lines 6 and 14
huge parking space for bikes and cars
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