East Coast Footbag Championships - 8th Annual - 1990

Tournament Results

East Coast Footbag Championships - 8th Annual - 1990


Eric M. Wulff

E-mail: ewulff@gmail.com
Alias: ewulff@footbag.org
Phone: (415) 216.5379
1640 Kirkham St #6
San Francisco, CA
Mayo Park
Beachwood, New Jersey, USA
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Amateur & Open Divisions of... Singles Timed Consecutive, 
Doubles One Pass Consecutive, Footbag Golf, Singles Net, 
Doubles Net, Open Only - Freestyle (teams and singles 
compete together - how strange) 

Footbag Freestyle

Manually Entered Results

Amateur Singles Timed Consecutive
1.	Dan Luciano
2.	Jack Lentz
3.	Kevin Arins

Open Singles Timed Consecutive
1.	Eric Wulff
2.	Ed Orlando
3.	Rob McCloskey

Amateur One Pass Consecutive
1.	Jeff Golden/Dan Luciano
2.	Jack Lentz/Kevin Arins
3.	Rich Venville/Shawn Fisher

Open One Pass Consecutive
1.	Eric Wulff/Rob McCloskey
2.	Russ Willi/Peter Irish
3.	Martin Cote/Martin Gratan

Amateur Footbag Golf
1.	Jack Lentz
2.	Jeff Golden
3.	Dan Luciano

Open Footbag Golf
1.	Rob McCloskey
2.	Peter Irish
3.	Joe Solonoski

Footbag Freestyle
1.	Eric Wulff
2.	Greg Nelson
3.	Peter Irish

Amateur Singles Net
1.	Jack Lentz
2.	Christian Tremo
3.	Jeff Golden

Open Singles Net
1.	Yves Archambault
2.	Martin Cote
3.	Rob McCloskey

Amateur Doubles Net
1.	Jack Lentz/Kevin Arins
2.	Christian Tremo/Dan Luciano
3.	Line Duchenes/Joan Pollack

Open Doubles Net
1.	Yves Archambault/Lisa McDaniel
2.	Martin Cote/Andrew Morgan
3.	Martin Graton/Rob McCloskey

Director ? Eric Wulff. Some Highlights... Montreal is now a net dynasty on the east. Six of the top 9 places in open net are from Montreal including both title winners. The world is next. Lisa McDaniel becomes the only women to date (2003 ECFC) to win an open event at ECFC. She teamed with Yves Archambault form Montreal to win Open Doubles Net. An Ocean County Clipper wins 5 out of 11 events total. Jack Lentz wins 3 of 5 Amateur events and finishes second in the other two.
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