Danish Footbag Open 03

Tournament Results

Danish Footbag Open 03


Mads Hole

E-mail: madshole@footbagdenmark.dk
Alias: mentor@footbag.org
Phone: +45 21838345
Lyongade 5, 4. th
Indre By Medborgerhus - Ahlefeldtsgade 33
Copenhagen, Denmark
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Intermediate Singles Freestyle, 
Open Singles Freestyle, 
Open Womans Freestyle, 
Open Singles Net, 
Open Doubles Net, 
Open footbag golf,
and big3.

Manually Entered Results

Best ranged Danish players:

1. Mads Neuhard
2. Mads Hole
3. Emil Koefod 
4. Søren Andersen

Open Freestyle:

1. Ryan Mulroney
2. Paul Cronjäger
3. Matthias Schmidt
4. Mads Neuhard
5. Mads Hole
6. Jakob Wagner

Intermediate Freestyle:

1. Tobias Larsen
2. Rasmus Rendsvig
3. Rune Lau Petersen
4. Eske Rex
5. Peter Risum
6. Michael Nielsen

Women?s Freestyle:

1. Julia Böhm
2. Lise Thygesen
3. Rikke Villadsen

Open Single Net:

1. Jakob Hall
2. Benny Leich
3. Bjarne Everberg
4. Jesper Hall

Open Double Net:

1. Jakob og Jesper Hall
2. Bjarne Everberg og Benny Leich
3. Ole Snack og Ryan Mulroney
4. Mikkel Frederiksen og Thomas Mortensen


1. Tobias Larsen
2. Jakob Wagner
3. Frederik Mens

Danish Footbag Open 03 Website is up at www.fodpose.dk so check it out for more details. The 10 first registered foreign players will get one night for free in a 30 Euro/night hostel (breakfast included). Forign players will also be able to sleep in a private home (free:)if they get in touch early. We always need help from forign players and all helpers/officials will get free food and drink. Book your fare now for the perfect opportunity to visit wonderful Copenhagen!
Event Details:
We meet friday afternoon/evning in the famous Freetown Christiania for a big 
freestyle "support Christiania" jam session. Saturday will be the official 
event day and the classic net and freestyle diciplines will take place in 
super location with a big audience. Top players such as Ryan Mulroney 
(freestyle) and Jakob Hall (net) will show their amzing skills at these 
events. There will also be many cool side events during the day as well as a 
big after party with fireshow and a battle. Sunday the players will meet for 
brunch and afterward the golf, shred and big3 competetions will take 
place.Danish Footbag Open 03 is gonna be the blast....don't miss it!  
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