RNH Contest 2003

Tournament Results

RNH Contest 2003


Grischa Tellenbach

Alias: grischa.tellenbach@footbag.org
Centre Sportif Georges-Carpentier
Paris, France
Events Offered:
doubles net, intermediate freestyle, open freestyle, team 
freestyle, shred 30' and sick 3 

Manually Entered Results

RNH Contest 2003

Open Doubles Net

1. Vincent Rousseau and Gilles Bourgeois (RNH Footbag)
2. Miquel Clemente and Ludovic Lacaze (Icarus Footbag)
3. Xavier Allain and Eric Dargent (Footbaguignols)
4. Arthur Ledain (RNH) and David (Footbaguignols)

Intermediate Freestyle

1. Pierrot Bardeau (75 ADDS)
2. Thomas Yard (RNH Footbag)
3. Arnaud Donnat (Footbaguignols)
4. Ludovic Lacaze (Icarus Footbag)
5. Arthur Ledain (RNH Footbag)
6. Xavier Allain (Footbaguignols)
7. Lassad Yacoub (Footbaguignols)
8. David (Footbaguignols)

Girls Freestyle

1. Anne Busch (Germany)
2. Claire Beltrain (France)
3. Benoite Moret (75 ADDS)

Open Freestyle

1. Max Boucoiran (75 ADDS)
2. Franck Rémy (75 ADDS)
3. Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag)
4. Arnaud Arvengas (75 ADDS)
5. Eric Dargent (Footbaguignols)

Shred 30?

1. Franck Rémy (75 ADDS)
2. Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag)
3. Max Boucoiran (75 ADDS)

Sick 3

1. Max Boucoiran (75 ADDS) : Diving Butterfly >Ducking Butterfly > 
Ducking Butterfly
2. Franck Rémy (75 ADDS) : Stepping Eclipse > Osis > Barfly
3. Grischa Tellenbach (RNH Footbag) : Ripwalk > Spinning Clipper > 
Spinning Osis

The "Rien N'est Hacky" RNH Footbag Club Paris, France, will organize its first-ever competition this May. Saturday May 10, and Sunday May 11, 2003. Location: Centre Sportif Georges-Carpentier. Annexe Georges Carpentier. 81, Boulevard Massena. 75013 Paris. Metro ligne 7. Direction "Mairie d'Ivry". Station "Porte de Choisy"
Event Details:
In Freestyle we happily announce:

? Cyril Kabache (French champion),
? Franck Rémy (former French champion),
? Anne Busch (Female German Vice-Champion)
? The French Connexion ? Max Boucoiran and Fred Touzelet (twice 
French team freestyle champions),
? Jono Henyes (New Zealand),
? Yves Kreil (Germany ? unofficial world record holder with 62 ripwalks) !

In Net we happily announce:

? Miquel Clemente (finalist of the last French Open),
? David Chabannes (French Champion in single and doubles Net and 
intermediate European Champion),
? and of course many players from our club RNH (3 teams qualified for the 
¼ finals at the last French Open).

The location:

? ?Centre Sportif Georges Carpentier? is the third biggest in Paris.
? 4 lockable changing-rooms with showers,
? 4 net fields plus one central field for all games from the semi-finals on 
with a scorer !
? A podium, medals and cups for the awards ceremony,
? A gallery with 500 seats,
? A cheap bar,
? and DJs.


drive to "Porte d'Italie" (it's in the south of Paris center)
than drive to "Porte de Choisy" and the sport center will be on your right.

parking space will be available


Saturday May 10

09h the gym opens
10h registration
11h qualification doubles net
15h intermediate freestyle
16h 1/4 finals doubles net
17h qualification open freestyle
18h 1/2 finals doubles net
22h the gym closes

Sunday May 11

09h the gym opens
12h game for the 3 place doubles net
13h final doubles net
14h team freestyle and final open freestyle
15h Shred 30' and Sick3 
16h award ceremony
18h the gym closes


bring your sleeping bag and we will find a place for you to stay.

if you want to be sure to get a convenient place to sleep register online 
www.footbag.fr.st and send me an e-mail please. 

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