Footbag Opening 2003

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Footbag Opening 2003


Ali Dastrandj

Phone: +43 650 318 88 99
Podersdorf am See
Neusiedlersee, Austria
Host Club:
Events Offered:
open & intermediate freestyle, shred30, sick-3, kick-
count-contest, 4-square champs, golf...

You might have heard about this Summer Opening Event, but for the ones who didn't make it last year, here some short info.

Surf Worldcup 03
Surfkite Worldcup 03
Beachvolleyball Opening 03
Footbag Opening 03 - RAIN SECURED!!!
and loads of side events.

100.000 people in total and the party counted 22.000 last year.
65 million PR Contacts - so this is one of the biggest Sport Events in Austria and it's worth to drop by; (from anywhere in the world.)

Here a peek at the program and the location!

Event Details:

there might be a schuttle form the airport to podersdorf directly. There are some shuttles form vienna's city center to the eventgrounds though, which will take about an hour


Pre-registration is already online on here. Use it!
There is a BIG parkinglot in front of the eventground, onwhich all footbag players will camp(for free). It isn't very legal, but also not totally illegal. You will be sharing the (BIG)parkinglot with about 10,000 people, so the police deosn't really care about it. BRING YOUR TENTS!

Showers, toilets, the eventgrounds are all 2 min. walk away.

more to come...

There is certainly the possibility to reserve a hotel.(see online- registration)

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