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Mads Hole

Phone: +45 21838345
Lyongade 5, 4. th
Cafe? Moonfisher - Christiania
Copenhagen, Denmark
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Shred sessions: The best freestyle players from Denmark 
are gathered for some serious shred to some funky rhythms.

Trick demonstrations: Most 1-5 add tricks can be 
demonstrated on request. 
Workshops: Different concepts such as sets, spinning and 

Footbag Pit stop: Learn to maintain your bag. 

Juggling: Many footbag players are also Jugglers so you 
can also watch juggling, try juggling, or just hang 

Yo-yo: Pro players will be do shows and demonstrations.  

Energy refill: The Café´Moonfisher will serve 8?8 meter 
births day cake and hot chocolate for everybody at 3 p.m.

Old school, new school no school?? everybody are welcome.
Event Details:
Date: Thursday on the 26th of September from 12 a.m. - 6 p.m.
The venue is located next to the Cafe´Moonfisher on Christiania. Christiania 
is one of the largest Tourist attractions in Copenhagen. 

This famous tourist attraction is celebrating its Birthday on the same date 
and therefore many other events and happenings are taking place during the 
day. Come and enjoy life......

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