Footbag spielt verrückt (goes crazy)

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Footbag spielt verrückt (goes crazy)


Ali Dastrandj

Phone: +43 650 318 88 99
Site(s) TBA
Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria
Host Club:
Events Offered:
Intermediate Freestyle, Open Freestyle, Net Demonstration, 
Hey People! Finally a second Culb in Austria (AFA) has decided to organize an Event. This will be in a location called "Treibahaus", with a great after party planned. Workshops and the Intermediate Contest will be the main part of the Event, but with a few more player(execpt us in Vienna), we'll have an Open Contest too. This event might be interessting for people in Münich and especially for the Swiss. It's a one day Event and starts around 14:00, and end in a party past 20:00. We would really be happy if any of you find the time to drop by, and make this first event to a happening. greetz ali (footbag-vienna)
Event Details:
Acommadation won't be expensive. We'll find a place to get those few hours of 
sleep,trust me.

Location is like mentioned in Innsbruck/Tirol, which is between Germany
(Münich)&Italy. It is in the City Center, so not complicated to find -
 "Treibhaus" is the name of the place. Everyoone in Innsbruck should know it.

No special schedule: just past 14:00 until we fall over :)

Really hoping to see a few people there.

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