FootJam03: Swiss Footbag Open 2003

Tournament Results

FootJam03: Swiss Footbag Open 2003


Jan Zimmermann

Phone: ++41-(0)43-535 91 38
Zeppelinstr. 43
Rote Fabrik
Zurich, Switzerland
Events Offered:
OPEN Freestyle
Doubles Freestyle Exebition
intermediate singles/doubles Net
OPEN singles/doubles Net

Manually Entered Results

91 players registered...1000+spectators...FootJam03 in Zürich!!!!

(Almost) full results of the FootJam03 in Zürich are now available at

Also we have a huge gallery of pictures now ready at



You can also find a detailed report of the event in German (and soon in 
French) at

Videos are in production and will be available from various sources soon. A 
first trailer of the official video (produced by the french boys Max and 
Pierre, known from "Budas Best") will be ready within the next couple of 
days, so stay tuned!

To everyone that's been there: thank you for coming and making this event 
so great.

To everyone who missed it: better be there next time:)

Chances are 90% at the moment that the whole event will happen again in 
Zürich next year at the same freestyle location. For net we will hopefully 
manage to set it in a simmilar atmosphere as the freestyle to finally have 
the two disciplines side by side on equal terms. 

Of all people who helped at the event I would like to use this opportunity to 
thank Astrid Stettler of the Sole-Rebels Zürich with all my heart. Few of you 
who've been there have seen her during the event because she was 
constantly busy making life easy for you. She's been the heart and soul of 
this event and it would not have happened without her! So next time you 
see her, please give her a hearty slap on the back and congratulate her on 
making one of the best events the world has seen up to date possible.

Shots of course go out to all the other helpers big and small (over 80 total!) 
and another extra big one to the whole Rote Fabrik crew who have helped 
us out the whole weekend and enabled us to use their facilities.

Big thanks once again go to planetfootbag for their continous support of 
footbag in Switzerland and making this event possible. 

So, check out the results, check out the pictures, check out the official 
homepage (, wait for the videos and wait for next may 
where the saga will continue...

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Switzerland invites you to one of the hottest Footbag events of the year:

FootJam03, 17th and 18th of May 2003 We have worked hard and relentlessly to make this event unforgettable for all participants.

What will be different this year?

Well first of all we've switched the order of events. The freestyle event will be held on Saturday and the net event on Sunday.

Freestyle will be held in one of the hottest locations in town, the Rote Fabrik. We're expecting 1000+ spectators, and this is no idle boast! 10 000 flyers are being spread throughout Switzerland and our strategic combination of freestyle contest and some of the best swiss and german dancehall artists (Kamilean aka Ra'San Jong and Redemption Sound Soundsystem) will ensure massive attendance. Entertainment will be the primary objective of the evening so be prepared to hear, see and experience some wild surprises.

As usual we have managed to secure a professional jury consisting of some of the head figures in world and European freestyle. Namely Ryan Mulroney (two time world freestyle champion), Ales Zelinka (winner of the freestyle title at FootJam02), Frank Remy (three time French freestyle champion) and Ole Schnack (double freestyle European champion 2003). Plus of course a special guest from outside the Footbag community.

On Sunday we will have the net contest directly at the lake. As usual we will have an intermediate tournament that allows even people who have never kicked a netbag before to test their skillz. The definite Highlight will be the open tournament where some of europeas top teams will battle for the title. As the FootJam is still one of the few tournaments in Europe that focuses on net as well as freestyle, huge attendance is expected from net teams from all over Europe.

Of course there will be music again, food, drink, party, good mood and finest action!

For detailed Infos check the event homepage at
Event Details:

We are able to provide players with free housing, free food and free 
drinks (non alcoholic) this year!

Provided you bring a sleeping bag, and a mat to lie on, and you don't 
expect a deluxe dinner, you will have no worries whatsoever this year!

Check the homepage for all other details and online 
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