What's New on Footbag.org

What's New on Footbag.org

Footbag News (News for 2018)

19 January 2018

The club listing for Footbag-Vienna (in Vienna, Austria) has been updated by Alexander Trenner. Click here to see the current listing.
 Carnabal Footbag
The club listing for Carnabal Footbag (in Nantes, France) has been updated by Nicolas Janin. Click here to see the current listing.

10 January 2018

 cp sack whackers
The club listing for cp sack whackers (in Cross Plains, USA) has been updated by Jack Larimore. Click here to see the current listing.
 cp sack whackers
Jack Larimore has added his club in Cross Plains, TX, USA to the club list.

5 January 2018

!! ANNOUNCING: Copa Medellin De Footbag
Announcing the Copa Medellin De Footbag, which will take place April 21-22, 2018 in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia. Contact Juan Palacios Lemos for details, but first check the event listing.
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