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Last Login: Fri Mar 3 10:44:44 2006
Shawn Patrick Boyle

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Joined: 06/12/05
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Central and 103rd
Worth, IL
Im a amatuer freestylist i got solid basics from many years of "hacky-sack" but have recently found a 12 panel sand filled called a jester if anyones ever used one. Ever since ditching the cheap hippy hacks and discovering this website i have been footbagin ever since. And now im dragging freinds along with me. Plan on starting a south side chicago footbag club. Email me sometime if your near me and want to kick sometime. We kick all night long outside of my apartment under street lights and if im off work ill be at the park tennis courts just west of central on 103rd st. we also play ultimate frisbee and HALO

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