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Dave Jim Smith

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St.Albert, Alberta
Hey all i can say is i LOVE footbag. It all started in oct 2000 when one of my best buds brought a footbag to school(his sisters actually). We started out with just kicking it around and raising our records from 7 to 17 to 37 to 75. Around the time that my record was 740 i decided that there had something more than just kicking this bag of beads around. Thats when my footbag life changed forever. My friends and i had practiced a few basic tricks like the flying clipper(or jester as we called it) and inside and toe stalls but we needed something more. One night i was looking for moves on the internet whan i came upon i looked at the freestyle video\'s and man was i amazed!! I have been playing steadily and i have been able to raise my by best tricks to 3 add. Although i satrted out with an 8 buck hackysac i have recently revieded an new jackhammer footbag and man is it sweet. I hape to contimue with this great sport and hope to be competing internationally someday.

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