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Last Login: Fri Aug 4 09:17:03 2006
Caleb Abraham

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Joined: 04/06/02
Tier 2: Expired: 07/22/07
705 13th St.
Conway, PA
Footbag is life!!! My first event ever was the PSTOFF and i got hooked. That was the beginning of my shredding career and i am way into the sport. Coming off of a big 1st place at worlds 2002 in intermediate freestyle, I tried out open at Funtastiks to no avail. 8th out of 8 isn't too bad for open right? (<---- sarcasm that way) But I keep practicing everyday. Come kick with me. Drop me a line, email or AOL (screenname: fuz30)

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  2004: 25th Annual IFPA WORLD FOOTBAG CHAMPIONSHIPS   26 of 47
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