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Last Login: Tue May 22 20:51:58 2001
Rene Prefontaine

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Melfort, Sask
Well, let me see, it's almost been a year now since I started hacking, I am still involved with my group Faction Hack extensively, the other two members of the group are Brennan and Steven, and they have been very good friends of mine for a long time now. We are also friends with the Slaughterhacks, Richard Jackson has a been a friend of mine for 4 years now. Anyway, I have added to my lucky bag of tricks since last time I updated this. I can now do, Right toe stall, to left toe stall, a Wrap, an Illusion, 360, Outside delay, Rainbow, Sole kick, Pendulum, Around The World, Around the World Stall, and a Walk Over. I can probably do a few more things, but I can't remember, and you ever wanna have a jam, just let me know.

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