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Last Login: Mon May 8 07:17:52 2006
Thomas Concentus LaBeff

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Phone: (608) 782-1618
1514 Jackson St.
La Crosse, WI
They call me Obi-Wan, guess why. I am a rookie in my eyes, but considered good in the eyes of others. I have a passion for footbag. I don't know why God blessed me with this skill, but it has been just that, a blessing. Talk about a stress releaver. I play a lot of footbag at the Crossfire Youth Ministries building, in LaCrosse, WI... on Friday nights from 7:30 to 11:30 on weekends, but be careful if you come, because swear words cost $.25 a piece. I hope that all the footbaggers out there are having as good a time as I am. Practice, practice, practice.

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