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8438 Oscar Roland
Montreal, Quebec
Wassup stylers, I was first introduced to footbag back in '94 but at that time I had no idea freestyle even existed. One night in like '98 I was surfing the web and decided to search for a "hacky sack" site. I found "Footbag Worldwide" and began watching some videos. What I saw just blew me away and after going to a tournament in the summer of '99 and meeting some players, I decide that this sport was for me. So I've been shredding since the summer of '99 and constantly improving my game. I LOVE THIS SPORT!!! FREESTYLE ROCKS!!! For those of you living or visiting the Montreal area, check out my personal info and let's hook up for some shredding action. I'm am also a student studying film and have dedicated my time to making some great videos for the community such as "Shred Alert" and its follow-up, "W2K: The Best of Worlds 2000"

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