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Footbag related pictures

Photo highlights from the Hungarian website. This gallery has other related information; click here to see the related information.

Shoe of a teacher
The shoe of a teacher, who organized a contest on 8. November, 2003. Photo by Gy?rgy Gősi.
Euroshoes 2002 :)
Guess who! Photo by Joe Crain.
The Golden Child   (0.31M)
Well, he is bright enough for that title :P. Photo by Bence Szoradi.
Ooops.   (0.34M)
Good to know, even he drops it sometimes :P. Photo by Bence Szoradi.
MECCA Footbag Cup 2003   (0.27M)
A crowded training room a day before the event. Photo by Bence Szoradi.
MECCA Footbag Cup 2003   (0.27M)
The training room from a different view. Photo by Bence Szoradi.
The next generation   (0.28M)
The youngest player at MECCA'03. Peter was only 12 years old, and traveled to Győr for the contest only with his family. Props! Photo by Bence Szoradi.
Shreditas at MECCA   (0.31M)
3rd place: Johanna Nigisch, Austria. Photo by Bence Szoradi.
Shreditas at MECCA   (0.29M)
2nd place: Patricia Horvath, Hungary. Photo by Bence Szoradi.
Shreditas at MECCA
1st place: Vanda Molnar, Hungary. Photo by Bence Szoradi.
MECCA shredtime
Shredding at the venue during the contest. Photo by Sikztah.
Footbag crew vs The Mecca Individualz - We are winning! Photo by Sikztah.
Exhausted? Hopeless? The Individualz can't keep the pace with the Footbag Crew?. Photo by Sikztah.
MECCA Finals
Dexter chose Fanda and Vasek as background music. Beatbox. (Video also available at the "sunshred" gallery set). Photo by Sikztah.
MECCA Finals
As if he was the main attraction... :P Well, he was a few minutes after this performance. :). Photo by Sikztah.
MECCA Finals!
Dexter thinks: "C'mon with those beats!" or "Hey, don't steal MY show!" :). Photo by Sikztah.
MECCA Finals!
The Angel has come! (Vojta Pol?k, CZ). Photo by Sikztah.
MECCA Finals!
Transparent lavers. Where can I get one?. Photo by Sikztah.
Turntables in action... Photo by Sikztah.
Shred, an empty 4 square court... And yes, the Czechs were there :). Photo by Sikztah.
"I can do it!". Photo by Sikztah.
Fanda H?jek with the mic! Photo by Sikztah.
No comemnt. Photo by Sikztah.
Sikztah himself
Yes, he is SIkztah. Thanks a lot for the party! Photo by Unknown.
Sikztah herself
Personally, I enjoyed these moments at the party. Photo by Gergo Csallo.
Footbag TRAINing
We were traveling to a contest by train, and someone just draw a "bag" on this "Try not to fall out" sign. Photo by Gyorgy Gosi, Lurko.
Footbag TRAINing
Close-up on that sign. Photo by Gyorgy Gosi, Lurko.
This is the poster of a small Hungarian event. Photo by Gyorgy Gosi.
Shreditas awarded: Csilla Nemeth* (3rd), Patricia Horvath (1st), Edina Fekete (2nd). *-SHe is the teacher, who organized the event! Photo by Gyorgy Gosi.
Trying to sleep?
That seemed to be a very bad idea before 4 am... Photo by Gyorgy Gosi.
A beautiful morning
No words can describe this. Try to enjoy. Photo by Gyorgy Gosi.
Footbag TRAINing
Oh no, not again. This one is on the way home... Photo by Gyorgy Gosi.
The only shredita in the Sunshred Footbag Club. Linda Papp. Photo by Gyorgy Gosi.
Gy?rgy Gősi, alias Lurko looks a bit tired on the train. Photo by Unknown.
Ain't that cute?
I got this "something-like-an-animal" when I was very young. It is still decorating my room, so I introduced him(?) to footbag. Photo by Gergo Csallo.
Passport control!
My passport. Photo by Gergo Csallo.
Peter Hack from the Sunshred crew works at McDonald's. His name tag says: "Can I help you? - FOOTBAG". (This is an actual photo!). Photo by Gyorgy Gosi.
Staircase Showcase!
Lurk? and Csesza from Sunshred are getting ready for some action. It was cold outside, so they played in a staircase. Photo by Gergo Csallo.
Lacing the Lavers
Lurk? lacing his lavers for a short play. An old lady came down, and told us to leave. Photo by Gergo Csallo.
Lurk? concentrated hard to solve the shoelacing puzzle :) These footbaggers just never lace they shoes normally... Photo by Gergo Csallo.

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