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IFPA Shred Video Gallery

The dirty little secret of freestyle footbag is that the coolest stuff happens on the sidelines. This gallery contains the most entertainment you can get from footbag without actually playing.

(Note: videos may take a long time to download; sizes in megabytes are given beside each video.)

33 Feet   (45.24M)
Freestyle and Net footage from the 2005 World Footbag Championships in Helsinki, Finland. Video by Mads Hole. (Playing time 351 secs.)
Hackrifice 05   (70.62M)
This video was filmed at the 7th annual Hackrifice tournament in Winnepeg, Canada. It boasts lots of young Canadian prairie talent. Video by Kevin Regamy. (Playing time 507 secs.)
Worlds 2004   (53.81M)
An excelent compilation of footage from the 2004 World Championships in Montreal, Canada. Video by Andrew Grant. (Playing time 311 secs.)
Phil Morrison - The Red Rocket   (85.82M)
Streetstyle Productions presents Phil Morrison - The Red Rocket, New Zealand's secret weapon. Since busting onto the scene in enviable style (ie. straight onto's MASSIVE section), footage of Phil has been just about the rarest thing in footbag. Until now. Video by Ian Pritchard. (Playing time 325 secs.)
SanFrancisco Jam   (9.26M)
Featuring some of the best players in the SanFrancisco region, plus a special Finnish guest. Video by Chad Devlahovich. (Playing time 104 secs.)
Bad Reputation   (66.19M)
A high energy video showing some West Virginian talent. Featuring John Mahood, Brad Nelson, and Caleb Abraham. Video by John Mahood. (Playing time 177 secs.)
2005 European Footbag Championships Trailer   (44.91M)
A high spirited preview for the 2005 European Championships in Wroclaw, Poland. This video captures much of the freestyle spirit! Video by IFPA. (Playing time 206 secs.)
European Masters / 95   (34.59M)
A bit of history here! A nice video showing some European skills from 1995. Video by IFPA. (Playing time 269 secs.)

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