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My favorite shots

These are some of my all time favorite photographs.

The cover to Dan Klokows "The Next Level". This was taken after a winter shred session in Dans garage. We got bored and this was the result. Dan started out with his hands on the ground but crossed them over his chest for a split second as Tom jumped through his legs. I just happened to take the shot at the right time. . Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Midwest Regionals 2002. We at CIC have an inherent tendancy to jump when we have nothing else to do. We jump over each other, over obstacles on the sidewalk, over the hoods of cars, off of rooftops, or just jump kick each other. Tim did not trust me enough to move any closer than he already was, still, its a fun picture. Photo by Eric Reile.
I love this shot of Tim. Everyone else in the backround is in motion in their dull colors. Tim, in the foreground, wearing bright bold colors just standing there in contrast to what's going on behind him. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
No doubt he defining moment of New Years Jam 2001. Jon was the life of the party, believe it or not. At one point he boasts that he can break a beer bottle with his bare hands. So we all jump at the chance to see him make as ass of himself. Dan, who was constantly filming, gets a pool going, if Jon breaks it within five attempts, he gets the cash. People were throwing singles and Derric Scalf generously donated some loose change from his pockets. I threw down 5 dollars, confident that Jon had no chance of making it. You would really have to watch this segment in "The Next Level" to see (and hear) how he breaks it, words would do it no justice. Astonishingly enough he did manage to break the bottle winning the money. He shot me this smug look as my camera went off. That was the best five bucks I've ever spent. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Generaly I do not like taking staged or posed pictures of people. I like to shoot while things are happening, on the go. Tom suggested I take shots while he jumped off the railing of this gazebo at a nearby park. He's doing a flying clipper. It's a shame you can not see the footbag. It's a cool picture with varying shapes and texture despite the limited color. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
There were a lot of good shots from this set but this is definately my favorite. I just like how everything came together here, the pose is dynamic and the angle of the shot seems to bring more sense of height in Reile's jump. I also like how the Hancock Tower is framed by the 2 figures in the foreground and that the footbag is clearly in view. My only complaint would be that the bag has little detail and just looks like a hole in the photo. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
PLAY FOOTBAG! . Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Old Skool
Old Photo, back when I could see my abs. . Photo by Meinard Nano.
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