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4-square Rope Court

A simple rope court that I made to play 4-square. Easily adaptable to play on most surfaces both indoor and outdoors (gallery is not finished)

Most of the Materials I used can be bought at a good hardware store for around $20 USD. I bought cheap tent spikes at a sporting goods store. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Nylon Rope
I chose a bright obnoxious color so that lines would be easily seen . Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
100 x 1/4
A regulation 14ft x 14ft court needs at least 84 feet of rope. I chose a smaller thickness so when the court is rolled up it does not take up too much space in by backpack. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Steel Rings
This is the key to the court's versatility. I can stake down the rings into the grass or tape them down to concrete or most other solid surfaces we play on. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Zip Ties
I use a pair of these to attach the rings to the rope. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Tent Pegs
These are used to stake the court into grass. Unfortunately this is cheap aluminum and I've bent just about every peg I've used. Alternately you can probably use long nails that can be purchased at a hardware store. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.

Copyright © 2007, Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza

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