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These are photos from CIC sessions kicking with club members, other locals and the occasional visitor from out of town. I'll be linking to various blogs in the Modified Forums . You can find links at the top of each gallery or click 'Related Information' near the bottom right of each individual photo. I may even link to an individual player's blog in their portraits.

North Avenue Beach 4-14-02
Welles Park Gazebo 8-11-02
Welles Park Gazebo 8-15-02
Oak Street Beach 9-8-02
Welles Park 9-22-02
Navy Pier 12-15-02
Oak Street Beach 6-15-03
Oak Street Beach 6-23-03
Taste of Chicago 6-29-03
Jonquil Park 7-10-03
Taste of Chicago 6-26-04
Welles Park Gazebo 7-8-04
Northbrook Mall 3-6-05
Welles Park Gazebo 4-10-05
Taste of Chicago 6-25-05
Taste of Chicago 7-2-05
Water Tower 7-16-05
Grant Park 7-24-05
Welles Park 8-25-07
Jazz Fest 9-2-07
Welles Park 9-9-07
Welles Park 9-23-07
Welles Park 10-21-07
Shred & Squares. We meet Andre for the first time. Tom and I show off some of our flexagility then re-enact my HACK-OFF! shirt. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Welles Park 10-28-07
A long session late in the month. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Navy Pier 1-27-08
Check the club blog on to read about this session. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Loyola 2-22-08
Zach Jahner and Henry Griese visit for the weekend. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Lane Tech 3-6-08
A last minute session. First time I get to play squares outside this year. Photo by Kamil Szpara.
Welles Park 5-4-08
First session of the year with Net, Shred and Squares all at the same time. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Millennium Park 8-30-08
We kicked at Millennium Park before hacking at Jazz Fest. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Welles Park 8-31-08
Jazz Fest was weak so we just kicked at Welles with the Raye twins. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Navy Pier 11-15-08
Shots from the making of a student documentary featuring Chicago Inner Circle. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
Navy Pier 11-28-09
Pier session late in the year. Photo by Alex "Zeke" Ibardaloza.
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