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General Notes


Every Athlete Competing in this years IFPA World Championships will need to sign a Disney waiver and receive a Disney Credential that allows you access to the sports complex. There will be only one credential issued to each player and losing your credential means you need to buy another or pay your way into the sports complex each day. No exceptions. So take care and don't lose your Credential.


Airport Transportation Disney Magical Express - Players staying at the Host Hotel can reserve a ride on the Disney Magical Express from the airport Directly to the Hotel. Disney Shuttle There is a Disney Shuttle that runs night and day all around the Disney world Complex. Players can ride all over the park and specifically to the Sports Complex and our tournament site. From the Host Hotel, you need to get on the MGM Studio's Shuttle and ride over to MGM. Then you pick up a shuttle to the Sports Complex. The ride could take 45 to 60 minutes. Beware of time restrictions with the event scheduling and your performance times. Rent a Car I would suggest people think about renting a car. You can get your own car or group up with others to make cheaper. Rent a cars in Orlando are inexpencsive and we have discounts from several Rent a Car companies. Hertz - 1 800 654-2240. We have a group rate, use this code: CV# 022L2383. These rates are good for the date ranging from August 4-25, 2007.

Showcase Events

The Disney World Wide World of Sports Milk House Sports Complex will host the 2007 IFPA World Footbag Championship Showcase Events August 17th and August 18th where a group of qualifiers will compete for this years World Titles. Freestyle Finals and Net Semi Finals through the Finals are in two big showcase events. On Friday featuring Net Singles and Freestyle 30 Second sherd, and Saturday Featuring Net Doubles and Singles Footbag Freestyle. The Showcase Events will be played on a sport Court. The Milk House has seating for 500.

Footbag Net

Venues, court surfaces

Preliminary Net will be played on Hess field #4 where the court surface is grass. There are two shaded bleachers as well as several shade structures across the net site.

The grass is perfect and well maintained by the Disney Sports Complex.

This site is going to be extremely hot and humid and hard to play in. Ample water and some shade will be provided across the field to help players with stand these conditions. Warning, come prepared to play in hot, sticky conditions with good chance of playing in the rain. You will want to have a hat and even an umbrella to help shade yourself. A good Idea is to bring your own shade. Be prepared!

The Net winner's bracket through the finals will be played in the Disney's Milk House where the playing surface is a Sport Court. Freestyle will be playng in the Milk house on carpet for the Qualifing rounds. Freestyle Finals and net Semi finals through the finals are in two big showcase events on Friday and Saturday all played on a sport Court. The Milk House has seating for 500.

Net sets

We will be using Jimmy-C nets sets on grass for the preliminary and consulation matches. Net posts will spring down if you crash on them. The posts will also stay up and not fall down, no matter how hard the wind is. Indoor play will be on a sport court for net and carpet for freestyle qualifing.


All net players competing in this tournament will wear uniforms in all their matches. Also teams competing in doubles events should have matching outfits. It is enough to have matching shirts. If this is a problem for players registered without partner, the tournament organization is willing to help.

Refereeing in prelims

All matches in pools should be refereed by a player in same pool. Players playing in a match do the line judging themselves and the head judge is there for making the calls in case of conflicts. The head judge will also be judging net fouls and contact fouls. Also, the head judge is responsible for getting the match going in time and informing the results to the tournament staff.

The bags

We will be using official sponsored footbags in every match. Footbags will be provided by the players or tournament director.

What you can bring onto the Sports Complex grounds

Anyone can bring a cooler onto the grounds filled with goodies.

  • Things you can't have in your cooler:
    • 1) Alcohol - There are concession stands around the complex and they sell beer and cocktails.
    • 2) Glass Bottles
    • 3) Illegal Drugs
  • You can have drinks in plastic bottles, food, ice, ect...

Coming and going

Players should inform the tournament staff at the venues when they arrive to the site and especially when they leave. This is very important in order to staying on schedule and also conflicts and uncertainty. When leaving the site, even just for a while, it is important to know where the players have gone and when they are coming back. Matches will be scheduled and players expected to be there and ready to play. Missing of match time results in disqualification.

Footbag Freestyle

Venues, Freestyle Arena surface

Preliminary Freestyle will be played in the Disney's Milk House Complex where the surface is carpet. There is plenty of room to play and practice inside the Milk House or you can go outside and play in the shadows of the extra large building in the complex's courtyards.

Music restrictions

Music to be use at this event has to be of an innocent nature. Music with profanities, racism, battery or other inapproriate lyrics is not allowed or tolerated by the IFPA or Disney Sports Complex. Players found playing with such music will be disqualified from the event. Disney and the IFPA hold the right to pull the plug on any routine with inapproprate music. Be warned. If you have music that is close to the edge, pick something else to keep in standing with our Disney surroundings. Copyright apporval not required.

Shred 30 rules

In shred 30 the goal is to reach as high score as possible. No top limit is involved. The player�s score will be counted according to a formula: adds + (uniques * add ratio), where adds mean the total number of adds you manage to hit in 30 seconds, uniques mean the amount of different unique moves you will hit and add ratio comes from a formula: adds/contacts. won�t be any limit for contacts.

The scoring starts when a player hits/tries to hit his first visible move (basically first 3 add move or higher). For example toe->clip->ripwalk, where ripwalk is the first visible move and toe->clip are preparing moves. If a player drops preparing move it is counted as a drop and time starts from there. Also limit for preparing moves is two. If player hits toe->clip->clip then time starts from the second clipper. All drops/handcathes will be counted as 0 add contacts. Time starts from first contact/attempted contact.

More specific rules

  • Only 3 add moves and higher will be counted as unique tricks. Adds will be counted normally from every trick even if it�s 1 or 2 add move
  • Drops aren�t uniques
  • No x-dex will be used
  • Barfly, paradon, double over down and down double down all ending to same side clipper are only one unique trick (and their symposium versions too). Also reaper and double switch over will be same trick. So setting surface doesn�t make more uniques in those tricks. Means also that hand toss dod is equal to normal dod and therefore not a unique trick.

    This rule doesn�t affect on moves with a set! fairy ss butterfly<->tapping butterfly are still two unique moves, because they have different sets (fairy<->tapping). Also paradon and tapping butterfly are 2 unique tricks.
  • The last move of your run will be the one last *set* before the buzzer.

Freestyle Judges Meeting

The freestyle judges' meeting will take place in the Footbag Room next to the Disney Sports Cafe. Date and time to be announced soon.

Routine music

"Please bring your music on CD, preferably in mp3 format. You will have to turn in your music for ALL rounds at the Registration desk on-site"

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