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Comments on the Body add description.

Initial comments from Steve

Chris, this section really needs work. First of all, look at the other sections and see that the Table of Contents here is really overkill. I removed the === signs from a lot of headings in other articles and turned them into bullets or definition lists. You should probably do that here, too. I'll leave this one to you.

Also, in general (here and elsewhere) you should refrain from using expressions like, "is awarded" or "gets" an add. Adds aren't granted, given, rewarded, or gotten.  :-) They are intrinsically part of a move. So the terminology needs to be changed to reflect that.

And since this is something that gets edited and updated by the whole community over time, it's not really a good idea to sign every article you create. I understand the desire but this isn't a forum and once someone makes any changes to your article, you probably don't want your name on it just because it's no longer exactly the article you wrote. So I've been removing your signatures, if you can continue to remove them when you find them, and not put them in the future unless it's a page you really think you own.

Other comments later. Thanks.

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