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This is a list of system messages available in the MediaWiki: namespace.

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Name Default text
Current text
wantedpages-summary (Talk) (Translate)  
wantedtemplates (Talk) (Translate) Wanted templates
wantedtemplates-summary (Talk) (Translate)  
watch (Talk) (Translate) Watch
watcherrortext (Talk) (Translate) An error occurred while changing your watchlist settings for "$1".
watching (Talk) (Translate) Watching...
watchlist (Talk) (Translate) Watchlist
My watchlist
watchlist-details (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|$1 page|$1 pages}} on your watchlist, not separately counting talk pages.
watchlist-options (Talk) (Translate) Watchlist options
watchlist-summary (Talk) (Translate)  
watchlistall2 (Talk) (Translate) all
watchlistanontext (Talk) (Translate) Please $1 to view or edit items on your watchlist.
watchlistedit-clear-done (Talk) (Translate) Your watchlist has been cleared.
watchlistedit-clear-explain (Talk) (Translate) All of the titles will be removed from your watchlist
watchlistedit-clear-legend (Talk) (Translate) Clear watchlist
watchlistedit-clear-removed (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|1 title was|$1 titles were}} removed:
watchlistedit-clear-submit (Talk) (Translate) Clear the watchlist (This is permanent!)
watchlistedit-clear-title (Talk) (Translate) Cleared watchlist
watchlistedit-clear-titles (Talk) (Translate) Titles:
watchlistedit-normal-done (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|1 title was|$1 titles were}} removed from your watchlist:
watchlistedit-normal-explain (Talk) (Translate) Titles on your watchlist are shown below. To remove a title, check the box next to it, and click "{{int:Watchlistedit-normal-submit}}". You can also [[Special:EditWatchlist/raw|edit the raw list]].
watchlistedit-normal-legend (Talk) (Translate) Remove titles from watchlist
watchlistedit-normal-submit (Talk) (Translate) Remove titles
watchlistedit-normal-title (Talk) (Translate) Edit watchlist
watchlistedit-raw-added (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|1 title was|$1 titles were}} added:
watchlistedit-raw-done (Talk) (Translate) Your watchlist has been updated.
watchlistedit-raw-explain (Talk) (Translate) Titles on your watchlist are shown below, and can be edited by adding to and removing from the list; one title per line. When finished, click "{{int:Watchlistedit-raw-submit}}". You can also [[Special:EditWatchlist|use the standard editor]].
watchlistedit-raw-legend (Talk) (Translate) Edit raw watchlist
watchlistedit-raw-removed (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|1 title was|$1 titles were}} removed:
watchlistedit-raw-submit (Talk) (Translate) Update watchlist
watchlistedit-raw-title (Talk) (Translate) Edit raw watchlist
watchlistedit-raw-titles (Talk) (Translate) Titles:
watchlistedit-too-many (Talk) (Translate) There are too many pages to display here.
watchlistfor2 (Talk) (Translate) For $1 $2
watchlisttools-clear (Talk) (Translate) Clear the watchlist
watchlisttools-edit (Talk) (Translate) View and edit watchlist
watchlisttools-raw (Talk) (Translate) Edit raw watchlist
watchlisttools-view (Talk) (Translate) View relevant changes
watchnologin (Talk) (Translate) Not logged in
Not logged in
watchthis (Talk) (Translate) Watch this page
Watch this page
watchthispage (Talk) (Translate) Watch this page
Watch this page
watchthisupload (Talk) (Translate) Watch this file
wed (Talk) (Translate) Wed
wednesday (Talk) (Translate) Wednesday
wednesday-at (Talk) (Translate) Wednesday at $1
weeks (Talk) (Translate) {{PLURAL:$1|$1 week|$1 weeks}}
welcomecreation-msg (Talk) (Translate) Your account has been created. You can change your {{SITENAME}} [[Special:Preferences|preferences]] if you wish.
welcomeuser (Talk) (Translate) Welcome, $1!
whatlinkshere (Talk) (Translate) What links here
What links here
whatlinkshere-filters (Talk) (Translate) Filters
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