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Event:Test Event/Sanctioning Form

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1. What is the name of the event?

2. Where is the event taking place? (city, state/province, country)

3. When is the event? (To and from?)

4. What competitive events are you offering? Freestyle (singles/doubles) Net (singles/doubles) Consecutives Golf Shred 30 Big 3 Other?

5. What levels of play are you offering? Open/Pro Advanced Intermediate Novice Women's Other?

6. Will it be a prize money event? If so, how much?

7. How much will the entry fees be for each playing level?

8. What is included in the entry fee?

9. Is this an annual event? If so, how many years?

10. How many participants are expected?

11. How many spectators are expected?

12. Are there any intended deviations from the rules set forth in the Official Rules of Footbag Sports? If so, list them.

13. Have you acquired all necessary permits? (Eg. facility, food, product concession)

14. Have you acquired the necessary insurance's?

15. How do you plan to advertise and publicize your event?


1. What is your first and last name?

2. Are you the main event organizer?

3. What is your mailing address? Apt.# Street City State/Province Country Zip/Postal Code

4. What is your home phone number?

5. What is your work phone number?

6. What is your date of birth?

7. What is your IFPA member number and/or

8. Please describe your organizing experience and/or history in footbag where you have been directly involved.

As the main event organizer, I, __________________ understand and agree to all of the sanctioning requirements, terms and conditions outlined in this application and in the Requirements and Guidelines for IFPA Event Sanctioning. I further agree to be responsible for ensuring all the required player information, score sheets, and fees collected are submitted to IFPA within the specified periods.

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