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Making a net set

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Here is what you need to create your own footbag net:

- 1 badminton net. This can be purchased at most sporting goods stores. Or you can order one from the WFA through their Footbag World publication.

- 2 posts. These can be any type of post or pole that is at least 5' 1" in length. Some good candidates are; 2"-3" schedule 40 PVC tubing, 2x2 wooden studs, 2" wooden dowling, or even extra long push broom sticks.

- About 30' of cord or thin rope for guy lines.

- 4 spikes to attach the guy lines to. These should be 6-8" long. The stakes used for tents are usually a good choice and can be found at camping supply stores, sporting goods stores, or Army surplus stores. They sell 7" spikes with a plastic piece (green or orange) at the top so the rope doesn't slip off.

- At least 128 feet of rope for boundary lines (It is recommended that you have more like 132 feet). Yellow nylon rope at least 3/16" in diameter is most desireable.

- At least four 3" nails to attach the boundary lines to the ground.

To construct the net, first attach the badminton net to the two post. Attach the top of the net first, making sure that the distance between the two posts is 20' when the net is pulled taut and the distance from the top of the net to the bottom of the post is 5' on both sides. Once you have attached the top of the net, the bottom of the net should be attached. It should be pulled taut from the top and from the other side so that it can provide some bounce off when the footbag is passed into the net. You may also want to use some ties to pull the middle taut for even more play off the net.

Once you have attached the net to the post, you will need to attach the guy lines to the posts. Take a 15' length of cord or thin rope and create a loop at the mid point and a clove hitch or slip knot on both ends. Repeat this with another 15' length. When you set up the net, you will put the loop for each guy line on the posts and then pull the guy line at 30 degree angles from the post so that the net is taut. Usually, this will take at least 3 people to coordinate. The slip knots may be used to tighten the net. The spikes should be put in at 45 degree angles from the post so they are less likely to slip out if someone crashes the net.

Before you can even set up the net, you will need to have your boundary lines set up. To construct the boundary lines start at one end of the 132 foot rope and attach one of the 3" nails. This can be done several ways, the most common being to tie a knot around the nail. Sink the nail into the ground and pull the rope taut measuring out 44 feet. Attach the second nail and sink it into the ground. At the halfway point, 22 feet, make some kind of mark to indicate where the net line. This can be done with a a colored string or electrical tape. Now, measure off 20 feet from the second nail, pull the rope taut and attach the third nail. Again, make some kind of mark at the halfway point (10 feet). This will be the center line marker. Repeat the process above with the second 44 foot length and 20 foot length. You now have a set of boundary lines.

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